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CES 2024 highlights: Cars now talk, dance, and even fly!

The Honda 0 Saloon is easily the best looking concept at CES and, according to Honda , it'll hit the road in 2026.

In 2024, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reaffirmed its status as a top tech event. Instead of just showing off new gadgets, CES played a crucial role for cars, too. The big things were electrification, cool ways cars move, and adding talking innovative systems to car dashboards. This made the car tech part of the show stand out.

Electric Car Concept Debuts

In CES 2024, electric cars were the stars! Companies showed off super innovative ideas that could change how we travel. They focused on making better batteries that can go longer distances and be more efficient. Whether it’s a cool city car or a tough off-road one, the electric cars at CES 2024 got people excited about the future of eco-friendly transportation.

Innovations in Motion Technologies

At CES 2024, electric cars were the big stars! Companies shared cool ideas that might make a big difference in how we get around. They worked on creating batteries that last longer and use energy better. Whether it’s a fancy city car or a solid off-road vehicle, the electric cars at CES 2024 excited folks about the future of eco-friendly travel.

The Rise of AI in Cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or intelligent computer stuff, has improved cars, especially for self-driving cars. But in CES 2024, things changed. AI that understands language well has become super important in the car’s dashboard. This cool AI leap is about making talking to your car easy and just like talking to someone.

German Automakers Leading the Way

German carmakers led the way in talking about AI in their cars. Volkswagen worked with Cerence to add ChatGPT to its voice system called “Hello Ida.” This cloud update is for people driving ID 4 and ID 7 electric cars. At the same time, BMW teamed up with Amazon for something called Alexa Large Language Model, and Mercedes-Benz joined forces with Azure OpenAI. All these companies coming together showed that everyone in the car industry knows how powerful AI can be for making cars better.

Volkswagen’s Partnership with Science

Volkswagen teaming up with Cerence was a big step in bringing AI to everyday people. They added ChatGPT to the “Hello Ida” voice helper in the car, making it easier for drivers to talk naturally with their vehicles. And the best part? It’s a free update that uses the internet to improve your driving experience. This shows that Volkswagen wants to use top-notch AI tech to make driving more enjoyable for everyone.

BMW’s Collaboration with Amazon

BMW working with Amazon was all about making things easy for users. They added the Alexa Large Language Model, which helps you talk to your car smoothly. This makes tasks like finding your way or talking to others while driving much easier. This partnership shows that AI isn’t just fancy tech—it’s about making your everyday driving better and more convenient.

Mercedes-Benz and Azure OpenAI

Mercedes-Benz teaming up with Azure OpenAI showed how different companies have their ways of using AI. They wanted brilliant AI that understands language well into their cars, giving drivers a fancy and helpful assistant. At CES 2024, where people talk a lot about AI partnerships, it was clear that the future of cars is closely connected to making AI even better.

Convenience of Language-Based Commands

Going from remembering exact commands to just chatting with your car significantly changes how we talk to them. Soon, you might tell your vehicle to do tricky things, making driving feel more natural and friendly. The time of talking fast with our cars is getting closer.

Cars as Conversational Companions

Adding language-based AI makes cars like talking buddies on the road. Drivers can have regular, human-like chats with their vehicles, making driving feel personal and fun. As tech improves, cars aren’t just getting more intelligent; they’re turning into friends who know and respond to what each driver likes and needs.

Beyond Traditional Commands

Picture this: instead of just saying basic stuff like “Navigate” or “Send a text,” in the future, you can tell your car to do cool things like “Find a taco place nearby with awesome burritos and a place to charge my electric car. Then, send that info to my wife with a message saying ‘let’s meet there,’ and finally, start guiding me there.” Doing all these tricky tasks effortlessly shows how talking to your car with language-based AI can do many amazing things.

Integration of AI Across the Automotive Ecosystem

CES 2024 showed that AI isn’t just for specific car brands or types—it’s becoming a big part of how all cars work. Everyone talked a lot about using AI everywhere, from those who make car parts and software to those who create the technology inside vehicles (like SoC manufacturers). This teamwork is changing how cars work, making AI something you find in every car and something you can’t do without.

CES 2024 Showcases the Future of Mobility

CES 2024 was like the central spot where the future of how we get around was shaped. They brought together making cars electric, cool new ways they move, and adding AI that understands language. All these showcased technologies don’t just change how we drive; they also make driving more fun, smart, and connected.


Looking back at the cool things in CES 2024, it’s clear that the way we travel in cars is changing a lot. The fancy electric car ideas, the super cool ways cars can move, and all the intelligent AI in dashboards aren’t just hints at what’s coming—they’re like the first pieces of a brand-new way we’ll be getting around. When car makers and big tech companies team up, they’re all in for making new and exciting things happen.


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