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The Forgotten Pontiac Tojan: 10 Must-Know Facts

The Pontiac Tojan seems too amazing to be true. With 800 horsepower and the ability to beat a Ferrari to 200 miles per hour, it’s surprising that it’s so unknown in 2024. Its appearance is more like a cartoon than a typical car.

The Pontiac Tojan is unbelievable! It has 800 horsepower and can go faster than a Ferrari, yet only a few people know about it in 2024. Plus, it looks more like a cartoon than a regular car.

Design and Development of Pontiac Tojan

Harry Bentley Bradley created the Tojan’s cool look while he worked at General Motors. You might know him from Hot Wheels, where he made small versions of famous cars like the Barracuda, Corvette, and even the Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile. If you look at rare or pricey Hot Wheels, you’ll see cars designed by Harry Bradley.

Usually, car designs are tested extensively by groups of people before they’re sold. That’s why concept cars can look really crazy compared to regular ones. But the Tojan came out without any changes from Bradley’s imagination, which is why it looks so unique.


Performance Specifications

Pontiac asked Knudsen Automotive to make the Trojan prototype in 1984. They removed the old engine and installed a super-powerful V8 that could go up to 206 miles per hour! That was faster than any production car at the time, even beating Ferrari to it.

If you’re curious about how they made the V8 engine so powerful in the mid-1980s, they borrowed it from a fast boat. It’s like the opposite of how they made that Porsche boat using a Viper V10 car engine.

Production Numbers and Rarity

We have a few exact numbers, but the Tojan was made to order. About 136 orders were placed. It was sold from 1985 to 1991, and each one was custom-made for the buyer. In January 2024, a 1987 Pontiac Tojan with 41,000 miles was sold for only $20,000 on Bring a Trailer. That’s a really low price for this type of car. It’s rare to see them for sale, so it’s hard to say how much they usually cost. But based on what’s out there, you might still find one for less than a new budget compact car.

Comparison with Contemporary Supercars

The Trojan supercar started as a prototype. When it was made for real, they basically took a regular Pontiac Firebird and put the cool Tojan body on it. So, a regular Tojan would be just like a third-gen Firebird. It would take about 8.7 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph.

The Tojan could be made faster with supercharging or turbocharging, gaining around 400 horsepower. However, the super-powerful 800-hp version from the prototype wasn’t made for everyone to buy. Another car had already set a speed record in 1927, so while the Trojan is impressive, it’s not a record-breaking car in numbers alone.

The Trojan Prototype and Land-Speed Records

Pontiac asked Knudsen Automotive to make the Trojan prototype in 1984. They removed the old engine and installed a super-powerful V8 that could go up to 206 miles per hour! That was faster than any car made for sale at that time, even beating Ferrari to it.

In the mid-1980s, they made the V8 engine super strong by using one from a fast boat. This is different from the Porsche boat, which used a Viper V10 car engine.

Legacy and Collector’s Value

The Tojan is special in the car world. Even though they didn’t make many and it wasn’t as fast as they hoped, car fans and collectors love it. Its cool design and rarity make it a prized car for people who love car history.

Driving Experience and Ownership

Having a Pontiac Tojan isn’t just having a rare car. It’s like stepping into car history. Even though it may not be as fast as new supercars, driving a car with such a cool story and design is amazing. Keeping it in good shape might take some work because it’s old and parts are hard to find. But for people who love old cars, the Trojan is a treasure.

Historical Context and Impact

The Trojan shows a time in car design when people tried new things and had big ideas. Even though it wasn’t as popular as other cars at the time, it still inspired car designers and people who love cars. The Tojan tried new things and showed what could be done, even if it was a small hit with everyone.


To sum up, the Pontiac Tojan might not be well-known, but people who love its history and design still find it fascinating. Its cool looks and how rare it is keep fans and collectors interested. As more people learn about this hidden car, its story will keep going for a long time.




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