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The Toyota MR2 2025: Everything you need to know

In recent years, Toyota MR2 has made an impressive comeback in the sports car arena, reviving iconic models and introducing new ones that have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. From the reincarnation of the 86 to the exhilarating Supra and the exclusive GR Yaris and GR Corolla, Toyota has proven that they still know how to make sports cars that deliver on both performance and excitement. However, there’s one name from Toyota’s sports car history that enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting to hear again – the MR2.

The Original Toyota MR2:

The original MR2, with its lightweight mid-engine layout, carved its place in the hearts of driving enthusiasts during its three generations of production, which concluded in 2007. It was known for its agile handling, affordability, and fun-to-drive nature. The rumors of the MR2’s return have been reignited, and Toyota MR2 has set its sights on a 2025 comeback. In a market saturated with sports car offerings, what can we expect from the new MR2?Toyota MR2

Collaboration and Innovation

Toyota MR2’s approach to collaboration with other brands has proven to be a winning formula. Their partnerships with BMW for the Supra and Subaru for the GT86 have yielded impressive results. For the new MR2, Toyota has chosen Suzuki as an engine provider. The heart of this mid-engine sports car will be a one-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine known as the K10C. This engine, already in use in Suzuki vehicles since 2015, provides an exciting blend of power and efficiency. It produces 109 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque. However, what makes the MR2 even more intriguing is the possibility of mild hybrid assistance, which promises to reduce turbo lag and provide smoother, stress-free driving.

Engine Specs Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at how the old MR2 stacks up against its modern successor:


Old MR2

New MR2


Naturally Aspirated Inline-4 Turbocharged Inline-3


1.8 liters 1.0 liter


140 horsepower Estimated 120–150 horsepower


126 pound-feet Estimated 145 pound-feet


While the new MR2 might not be a powerhouse regarding numbers, it’s important to remember that the original MR2 wasn’t either. Toyota MR2 focuses on delivering a thrilling driving experience rather than chasing high horsepower figures. The absence of the powerful three-cylinder units from the GR Yaris and GR Corolla also raises intriguing possibilities for future, higher-performance MR2 variants.

MR2 Gallery:

The Return of the Manual Transmission:

Manual transmissions are a rarity in today’s sports car market, with many manufacturers opting for automatic transmissions to cater to a broader audience. However, Toyota MR2 understands the significance of the manual transmission to enthusiasts. The new Supra initially didn’t offer a manual option. Still, passionate feedback from fans led Toyota to develop one that has been hailed as superior to BMW’s manual transmission.

In the case of the MR2, a manual transmission is almost expected. This choice would position the MR2 in a unique space among the few mid-engine manual sports cars available. Only Porsche and Lotus offer manual transmissions in their modern mid-engine cars. Toyota’s reputation for creating enjoyable manual transmissions could be a game-changer for the MR2, offering a truly engaging driving experience.


As Toyota prepares to resurrect the MR2, anticipation among sports car enthusiasts is reaching a fever pitch. With the promise of collaboration with Suzuki for the engine and the potential for a manual transmission, the new MR2 holds the potential to capture the essence of its iconic predecessor. While it may not be the most powerful car in its class, it’s clear that Toyota MR2 is focused on delivering a sports car that prioritizes the thrill of driving over sheer horsepower. With 2025 just around the corner, the return of the MR2 is a beacon of hope for those who yearn for an affordable mid-engine sports car that puts the driver at the center of the experience.


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