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PDM Governance demonstrates that car prices are rising

While car prices hikes have been customary in the country’s automotive sector, the PDM regime has witnessed an unprecedented surge in increases, with vehicle assemblers raising prices notably over the last 16 months, all while facing persistent inquiries from the Sub-Committee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) regarding consumer concerns.

Historic Car Prices Surges

Amid the PDM tenure, the Pakistani rupee’s value saw a 58% drop against the dollar, coinciding with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s departure from office. Despite heightened localization efforts, price increments across vehicle models aligned with rupee devaluation, notably more for pricier variants due to reduced localization. This scenario underscores how rupee depreciation significantly drives up the costs of imported components, illuminating the diverse localization extents undertaken by vehicle assemblers across different tiers.

As a result, the price disparity between the pre and post-PDM era becomes evident.

 Honda Car Prices:

Variants Price (Pre PDM Era) Price (Post PDM Era)
Hodna City CVT Rs. 3249000 Rs. 4929000
Honda City 1.5L CVT Rs. 3446000 Rs. 5549000
Honda City Aspire 1.5L CVT Rs. 3749000 Rs. 5979000
Honda City MT 1.2L Rs. 3129000 Rs. 4799000
Honda Civic 1.5L MCVT Rs. 5399000 Rs. 8599000
Honda Civic RS 1.5L LLCVT Rs. 6499000 Rs. 10199000

 Suzuki Car Prices:

Variants Price (Pre PDM Era) Price (Post PDM Era)
Suzuki Wagon R VXR Rs. 2019000 Rs. 3718000
Suzuki Wagon R VXL RS. 2129000 Rs. 4084000
Suzuki Wagon R AGS Rs. 2319000 Rs. 4366000
Suzuki Cultus VXR Rs. 2250000 Rs. 3718000
Suzuki Cultus AGS Rs. 2662000 Rs. 4366000
Suzuki Swift GL MT Rs. 2694000 Rs. 4256000
Suzuki Swift GL CVT Rs. 2908000 Rs. 4547000
Suzuki Swift GLX CVT Rs. 3169000 Rs. 4960000

Kia Car Prices:

Variants Price (Pre PDM Era) Price (Post PDM Era)
Kia Picanto Automatic Rs. 2500000 Rs. 3350000
Kia Sportage FWD Rs. 5500000 Rs. 8190000
Kia Sportage AWD Rs. 6000000 Rs. 8820000
Stonic EX Rs. 4150000 Rs. 5350000
Stonic EX Plus Rs. 5445000 Rs. 6050000

Toyota  Cars Prices:

Variants Price (Pre PDM Era) Price (Post PDM Era)
Toyota Yaris GLI 1.3L CVT Rs. 3109000 Rs. 4801000
Toyota Yaris ATIV CVT Rs. 3109000 Rs. 4801000
Toyota Corolla 1.6 MT Rs. 3749000 Rs. 6182000
Toyota Corolla 1.6 AT Rs. 3929000 Rs. 6782000
Altis Grande CVT Black Interior Rs. 4689000 Rs. 7812000
Fortuner Hi Petrol Rs. 10949000 Rs. 18114000

The committee voiced dissatisfaction over consumers’ imposition of extra charges post-full payments, leading them to sign affidavits under duress; an instance involved a PAC member facing an additional Rs1 million fee upon vehicle delivery. It was disclosed that a substantial portion, from 42% to 56%, of the total vehicle expense is allocated to diverse taxes benefiting the national treasury, with the remaining proportion left for the assemblers.

The committee highlighted the government’s lack of significant efforts to incentivize car assemblers for vehicle exports and address the shortfall in meeting international quality and safety benchmarks.
Share your perspective on the remarkable surge in car prices during the PDM regime by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Why have car prices seen a significant increase during the PDM Governance?

    Car prices have surged due to various factors, including currency devaluation, taxation, and the level of localization.

  2. How has the Pakistani rupee’s devaluation impacted car prices?

    The devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has led to higher costs of imported parts and materials, driving up overall vehicle prices.

  3. What role does taxation play in the price hikes?

    A notable portion, ranging from 42% to 56%, of the total vehicle cost is directed towards different taxes, impacting consumer prices.

  4. Has the government encouraged car assemblers to focus on exporting vehicles?

    The committee noted that the government’s efforts to promote vehicle exports have been insufficient, contributing to the pricing issue.

  5. Are there concerns about the quality and safety standards of locally assembled vehicles?

    Yes, the committee has highlighted a deficiency in meeting global quality and safety standards, which can affect consumer confidence.


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