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ORA 03 – specs and features of Sazgar’s first electric vehicle

Sazgar Engineering, a well-known company in Pakistan for making cars, has launched its first electric car, the ORA 03. This is a big deal because it shows they’re focusing on making cars better for the environment and more modern. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes the ORA 03 special, like how it looks, how well it drives, and what it means for the car industry in Pakistan.

Progression of Sazgar Engineering

Sazgar Engineering is a big name in Pakistan’s car industry. They mainly put together cars from China. People like their cars because they’re good quality. Some popular models are the BAIC BJ40 Plus, Haval H6 HEV, and Haval Jolion. Sazgar was one of the first to make hybrid electric cars in Pakistan, showing they care about the environment.

ORA 03 Overview:

The ORA 03 is a new electric car made by Sazgar Engineering and Great Wall Motor (GWM) from China. It’s an excellent mix of old and new styles that people immediately notice. You can only get it as an imported car, but it’s all set up and ready to drive. It’s not just a fun ride; it’s also good for the environment.

EV Power:

The ORA 03 has a big battery that can take 310-400 kilometers on one charge, perfect for city driving or longer trips. It has front-wheel drive, meaning the front wheels power the car, and a strong electric motor gives it a lot of power to go fast. It can reach up to 160 kilometers per hour, making driving efficient and exciting.

Exterior Features:

The outside of the ORA 03 looks nice and has lots of cool stuff to make it look good and work well. It has unique LED headlights that you can adjust and a prominent sunroof that lets in lots of light. The car looks sleek and stylish, especially with its fancy 18-inch wheels and bright LED lights. Whether driving around town or on a trip, the ORA 03 stands out and feels classy.

Interior Features:

Sitting in the ORA 03 makes you feel like you’re in a cozy, high-tech space. The inside is nice, with soft materials like microfiber leather on the steering wheel and leatherette seats. It feels fancy and comfortable. Plus, there are cool features like keyless entry and a place to charge your phone wirelessly. The entertainment system is also super advanced, so you can stay entertained and informed while you drive.

Safety and Convenience:

Safety is paramount in the ORA 03. It has a bunch of features to keep you safe and prevent accidents. Adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking use fancy technology to help you stay safe while driving. There are also handy features like automated parking and lane departure warning to make driving more accessible and enjoyable.

Available Colors:

  • Black 
  • Green
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Blue 
  • White




In summary, the ORA 03 is a significant achievement for Sazgar Engineering and the car industry in Pakistan. It has cool features, looks nice, and shows they care about the environment. The ORA 03 is setting a new standard for electric cars in Pakistan. As more people start driving electric vehicles, it will help make Pakistan’s roads cleaner and greener.


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