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Air Bus ready to introduce a new Air Taxi in 2035

Air travel has always been a super cool way to get around, connecting people across cities and countries. But guess what? The way we travel is changing, especially in our cities. Airbus, who’s famous for making big planes, is working on something really awesome – it’s like a Air Taxi for the future! Let’s dive into this amazing project and find out where it came from, what makes it special, and how it will change the way we move around in the city.

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City Airbus

Where It All Started:

Imagine zipping through the sky from one part of the city to another. That’s the big idea behind Airbus’s CityAirbus NextGen. The smart people at Air Bus thought, “Hey, why not use the sky to move people around cities, just like we do with cars on the road?” And that’s how it all started.

Learning from Cool Prototypes:

Before creating CityAirbus NextGen, Air Bus made two cool prototypes: CityAirbus and Vahana. These were like test models to learn how to make the best flying taxi. The things they learned from these prototypes were super helpful when they made CityAirbus NextGen.

What Makes It Special:

CityAirbus NextGen is not your ordinary plane. It’s designed to be super simple and really quiet. Here are some things that make it special:

  • Fixed Wings: These are like the plane’s arms that help it fly smoothly.
  • V-Shaped Tail: Think of it like the tail of a bird, helping the plane stay steady.
  • Eight Electric-Powered Propellers: These are like super-strong fans that help the plane go up and down.

CityAirbus NextGen is made to be quiet and smooth so it can zip around the city without bothering anyone. featured image (1)

How They Made It:

To make this flying taxi safe and awesome, Air Bus didn’t do it alone. They teamed up with the people who will fly the taxi and those who know a lot about making planes. Together, they made sure the taxi was safe and could do all the cool things it’s meant for, like taking people to places, helping with medical emergencies, and giving tours.

Safety First:

Safety is super important for Air Bus. They worked closely with the people who make the rules about flying. They made sure the flying taxi meets all the safety standards. That way, when people ride in it, they know it’s safe.

The Future of Air Taxi:

Airbus is not just making a flying taxi. They’re also thinking about the environment. They want to make sure it’s good for the Earth. They’re working with lots of different people to make it better for everyone. This flying taxi isn’t just a taxi – it’s part of a big plan to change how we move in the city.

The Big Change:

CityAirbus NextGen is like a sneak peek into the future. It’s going to change how we get around in the city. Imagine hailing a taxi, but instead of it being on the road, it’s in the sky! How cool is that? As our cities grow and change, this flying taxi is going to be a big part of how we move around.

What’s Next:

In a world that’s always changing, CityAirbus NextGen is like a promise for a future where flying taxis will be a normal thing. It’s not a dream – it’s going to be real! By 2035, we’ll see these flying taxis zipping through the skies, making our cities even more amazing. Airbus’s idea of urban air travel is coming true, and it’s going to be a thrilling adventure that will change the way we explore our cities. So, get ready for a new way to travel, because the future is looking up, up in the sky!featured image (2)


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