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In 2023, MG4 is named carsales Car of the Year

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Guess what? The MG4 just snagged the 2023 Carsales Car of the Year title, and it’s making waves! Let’s dive into the cool details.


The Big Deal:

So, there’s this super awesome award called the Carsales Car of the Year in the car world. It’s like the Oscars for cars; this year, the MG4 stole the spotlight.

MG Takes the Crown:

Out of all the new cars in Australia, the MG came out on top. To win, it had to go through many tests and beat over 100 other cars. Imagine that!

Selection Process:

How They Picked the Winner:

Choosing the winner is a big deal. They had fancy tests and expert opinions, but what’s cool is that regular folks like you and me got to vote, too. The Hyundai Kona won the people’s choice.

Mix of Numbers and Opinions:

They mixed up data and expert opinions to pick the winner. It’s like combining your favourite ice cream flavours – numbers and opinions make the perfect combo.mg4

MG4’s Victory:

Judges Loved It:

The MG4 didn’t just win; it dominated! Judges loved it for being safe, innovative, practical, and a smooth driver. Plus, it got a thumbs up for being relatively inexpensive to own.

RedBook’s Magic:

This RedBook thing helped decide the winner, too. It checked how much it costs to own the car over a few years. The MG aced that test.

Why MG4 Won:

It’s not just because it’s an electric car. The MG is affordable, safe, and packed with cool tech like a superhero car.

MG Features:

Budget-Friendly Electric Car:

The MG4 isn’t just a cool electric car; it’s also budget-friendly. You don’t need a fortune to roll around in style.

Tech-Savvy and Safe:

The MG4 wowed everyone with its high-tech safety features. It’s like a guardian angel on wheels, keeping you safe and entertained.

Looks Good, Drives Great:

Not just a pretty face, the MG4 has killer looks and awesome driving skills. It’s like having a fun friend who’s always ready for an adventure.

Coming Soon – MG4 XPOWER:

Hold on to your seats! There’s an even cooler version, the MG XPOWER hot hatch. It’s like a turbocharged upgrade with more power and all-wheel drive, and it won’t break the bank.mg4 orrange

Highly Commended Models:

Other Cool Cars:

Besides MG, two other cars got a special shout-out. The Polestar 2 and the Hyundai Kona are like the MG4’s cool buddies, earning a “Highly Commended” badge.

Why They Got the Nod:

Polestar 2 and Hyundai Kona were standouts in their ways. They impressed the judges and added more coolness to the car party.

What Makes a Car Eligible:

Rules for the Cool Club:

To join the Carsales Car of the Year contest, a car has to be a new model or a super upgraded one. It also needs to have some cool safety features and not cost much.

Diverse Finalists:

The cars in the running were diverse – from SUVs to electric cars. It’s like having a buffet of awesome cars to choose from.

Wildcard Entries:

Surprise Guests:

Two wildcard cars crashed the party, the Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium and Honda CR-V e: HEV RS. These wildcards added an extra dose of excitement to the competition.

Unconventional Choices:

These wildcard cars are like the rebels of the car world, bringing something different to the table.


MG4 Rocks!

In a nutshell, the MG4 is the Rockstar of cars. Winning the 2023 Carsales Car of the Year is like getting a gold medal in the car Olympics.

What it Means for Us:

This win shows that electric cars, like the MG, are becoming the cool kids on the block. They’re affordable, high-tech, and super fun to drive.mg4 grey


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