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Byd Electric Cars Are The Future: 2023 Byd Seal EV Electric

In our fast-moving world, it’s really important to use eco-friendly ways to get around. BYD Electric Cars, which are called EVs for short, are a big part of this green change. They’re like super cool and high-tech versions of regular cars that run on gas. One of the newest and coolest electric cars out there is the BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence. In this article, we’ll learn all about it, from how much it costs and how fast it goes to how it uses energy and how you charge it up.

Pricing in Different Markets:

When you’re thinking about buying an electric car, how much it costs is super important. The BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence is being sold in different parts of Europe, and the price is not the same everywhere. Let’s check out how much it costs in three important countries:

United Kingdom:

  • Price: £48,695
  • Available to Order Since September 2023

The Netherlands:

  • Price: €50,990
  • Available to Order Since September 2023


  • Price: €53,668
  • Available to Order Since October 2023

It’s important to note that these prices are recommended retail prices and do not include any indirect incentives. Pricing and included options can vary by region and do not account for indirect incentives. The indicated dates are the starting dates for orders, offering potential buyers a timeframe for making their purchase decisions.

Real Range Estimation:

One really important thing for electric cars is how far they can go without needing more power. It’s like when your phone battery runs out but for a car. The BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence can go different distances depending on things like the weather and how you drive. Here’s the scoop:

Cold Weather

  • City: 455 km
  • Highway: 355 km
  • Combined: 405 km

Mild Weather

  • City: 685 km
  • Highway: 460 km
  • Combined: 560 km

These predictions think about things like the weather, how fast you’re driving, and how you drive. Let me explain with an example: When it’s super cold outside, like -10°C, and you’re using the heater in the car, that’s when the car doesn’t go as far on a single charge. But when it’s nice and warm, around 23°C, and you’re not using air conditioning, the car can go the farthest on one charge.Byd Seal EV Electric


The BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence doesn’t just excel in terms of efficiency; it also offers impressive performance characteristics:

  • Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 3.8 sec
  • Top Speed: 180 km/h
  • Electric Range: 485 km
  • Total Power: 390 kW (530 PS)
  • Total Torque: 670 Nm
  • Drive: AWD

These features make it not only an environmentally friendly choice but also a high-performing one, with quick acceleration and ample power to make your driving experience enjoyable.

Battery Specifications of BYD Electric Cars:

The heart of any electric vehicle is its battery, and the BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence boasts a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery with the following specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity: 84.0 kWh
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Number of Cells: 172
  • Architecture: 800 V
  • Useable Capacity: 82.5 kWh
  • Cathode Material: LFP
  • Pack Configuration: 172s1p
  • Nominal Voltage: 550 V

These qualities make sure the car can store energy well and go a long way without needing more power, which means you can take longer trips without worries.

Charging Options:

Charging an electric vehicle should be convenient and quick, and the BYD Electric Cars 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence offers various charging options:

Home / Destination

  • Charge Port: Type 2
  • Port Location: Right Side – Rear
  • Charge Power: 11 kW AC
  • Charge Time (0->485 km): 9 hours
  • Charge Speed: 55 km/h

Fast Charging

  • Fast charge Port: CCS
  • FC Port Location: Right Side – Rear
  • Fast charge Power (max): 150 kW DC
  • Fast charge Time (49->388 km): 38 min
  • Fast charge Speed: 530 km/h

These charging options ensure that you can recharge your vehicle conveniently at home or on the road, making electric vehicle ownership even more accessible.

Energy Consumption:

Understanding energy consumption is vital for both EV owners and the environment. The BYD SEAL 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence offers impressive energy efficiency:

  • EVDB Real Range: 485 km
  • Vehicle Consumption: 170 Wh/km
  • CO2 Emissions: 0 g/km
  • Vehicle Fuel Equivalent: 1.9 l/100km

These figures indicate that the BYD SEAL is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective to operate.Byd Seal EV

Dimensions and Weight:

The BYD SEAL 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence is a spacious and well-balanced electric sedan with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 4800 mm
  • Width: 1875 mm
  • Width with mirrors: 2150 mm
  • Height: 1460 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2920 mm
  • Weight Unladen (EU): 2285 kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR): 2610 kg
  • Max. Payload: 400 kg
  • Cargo Volume: 400 L
  • Cargo Volume Max: No Data
  • Cargo Volume Frunk: 53 L

These dimensions make it a practical choice for both daily commuting and longer journeys.

Miscellaneous Information:

Here are some additional details about the BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence:

  • Seats: 5 people
  • Isofix: Yes, three seats
  • Turning Circle: 11.4 m
  • Platform: BYD E-PLATFORM 3.0
  • Car Body: Sedan
  • Segment: D – Large
  • Roof Rails: No
  • EV Dedicated Platform: Yes

It’s important to note that all values are estimated, and real-life performance may vary depending on driving conditions and regional factors.

Charging in Europe:

Charging infrastructure is a crucial consideration for EV owners, and the BYD Seal EV Electric 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence offers various charging options in Europe. These options vary by country and charging point type:

Type 2 (Mennekes – IEC 62196)

  • Wall Plug (2.3 kW): 2.3 kW, 42h15m, 11 km/h
  • 1-phase 16A (3.7 kW): 3.7 kW, 26h15m, 18 km/h
  • 1-phase 32A (7.4 kW): 7.4 kW, 13h15m, 37 km/h
  • 3-phase 16A (11 kW): 11 kW, 9 hours, 54 km/h
  • 3-phase 32A (22 kW): 11 kW †, 9 hours, 54 km/h
  • († Limited by on-board charger, vehicle cannot charge faster)

Fast Charging (10 -> 80%)

The rapid charging capabilities in Europe offer various options:

  • CCS (50 kW DC): 50 kW, 45 kW †, 81 min, 250 km/h
  • CCS (100 kW DC): 100 kW, 80 kW †, 46 min, 440 km/h
  • CCS (150 kW DC): 150 kW, 95 kW †, 38 min, 530 km/h
  • CCS (175 kW DC): 150 kW †, 95 kW †, 38 min, 530 km/h
  • CCS (350 kW DC): 150 kW †, 95 kW †, 38 min, 530 km/h
  • († Limited by charging capabilities of the vehicle)

These charging options ensure that you can quickly recharge your BYD SEAL, making long journeys more convenient.


The BYD SEAL 82.5 kWh AWD Excellence represents the future of electric mobility, combining impressive range, performance, and charging options with a commitment to sustainability. With the growing love for electric cars, the BYD SEAL shows how the car industry is getting better, giving smart drivers a cool and environmentally friendly choice.Byd EV

For more information and to experience the BYD SEAL for yourself, visit BYD’s official website.



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